Send us a joke and we’ll send it to Norbert and Mylo on HeiHei, or win a ton of cash for your School by listening to us on HeiHei… or both! (Just think, your principal will love you forever.)

Send us your favourite joke.

We will pick one joke per week and if it’s your joke chosen you win $100 cash AND we’ll have your joke turned into a cartoon and we’ll play it on the TV channel HEIHEI. It will even have your name in the credits. How cool is that?

If your joke is chosen and it goes to air and if your school can get your joke the most amount of views on HEIHEI your school will win $10,000.00!

Enter via the form below and remember to check out the FAB cartoons we’ve made already on HEIHEI

O’How Street

We are making a daily serialised audio story call “O’How Street”.
Each story is in five parts, and we’ll have a new story every week.

Just by listening to those stories you could win $100 cash and we’re giving away $100 a week, every week this year, plus, ALL correct entries puts your school in to win $10,000.00 cash, so listen HERE on HeiHei every day to be in to win.

Norbert & Mylo and Punmax

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That's the Story Competition Details

Only children 12 and under and their school may enter our competitions.
All children must gain their parents’ permission before entering.
All winners will be contacted by That’s The Story, the judge’s decision is
$10,000.00 prizes can ONLY be won by a primary or intermediate
All entrants must be New Zealand residents.